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Evictions Course

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The only way that a landlord can forcibly remove a tenant from a property is through a legal eviction. “Self-Help” shortcuts such as threats, intimidation, shutting off utilities, or attempting to physically remove a tenant are illegal and dangerous. Although the eviction process can often entail trouble, expense, and delay, it’s important to understand that using the legal system to evict a tenant is the only option open to you. Each state has its own procedures as to how termination notices and eviction papers must be written and served (delivered). You must follow state rules and procedures exactly. Otherwise, you will experience delays in evicting a tenant while you re-serve the notice and/or re-file court documents. Failure to properly follow the rules can result in a dismissal or even the loss of the lawsuit, no matter how egregious the tenant’s violation. The “Evictions” eCourse is designed to provide the knowledge needed to evict tenants. In addition to discussing the subject from basic through advanced concepts, the course takes you step-by-step through the process.
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